Morning Rundown: Christ the Redeemer Illuminated for Taylor Swift’s Tour Raises Questions

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Christ the Redeemer Illuminated for Taylor Swift’s Tour Raises Questions

The recent illumination of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate Taylor Swift’s tour has ignited discussions about the appropriateness of using a symbol of Jesus Christ for secular purposes.

While the initiative aimed to bring joy to fans and coincide with the World Day of the Poor (by collecting donations of food and water for the needy), it raises questions about the alignment of such practices with biblical teachings on the sanctity and holiness of God.

One key consideration is the nature of Taylor Swift’s music, which has been known to incorporate new age and occult themes in her music videos. The Bible warns against participating in practices contrary to God’s holiness and calls believers to focus on what is pure, lovely and praiseworthy (see Phil. 4:8). Using a statue of Jesus Christ to celebrate an artist known for such themes raises concerns about whether it honors the Lord who sacrificed His life for mankind’s sins.

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Lecrae Shares Testimony of Deconstruction to Find Greater Faith in Christ

In a newly released video, Christian rapper and music artist Lecrae shared his powerful testimony of deconstruction and how he ultimately found his way to a greater and more in-depth relationship with Jesus.

After struggling with the sentiments of evangelicalism during varying cultural events, Lecrae realized that some topics are more politically-charged and polarizing than what he believes should be. He also began to notice that religiosity is, in many ways, a bigger stronghold over the Christian community than actual fear or desire for the Lord. Instead, he warns that many times what people are after instead is a production.

“We see people showing up on Sunday to come to a play or a Broadway presentation,” Lecrae said. “They’re disconnected from one another. There’s not really genuine fellowship; you don’t know if you’ll see the same people from week-to-week.”

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Leaving Babylon Behind

Two years ago this past August, I had a night I will never forget. I was sleeping soundly when, around 3 a.m., I felt something tap gently on my shoulder. I am still unsure whether it was a realistic dream or an event that occurred while I was awake, but nevertheless, it seemed as real as could be to me. That night, I was visited by a messenger angel.

My first reaction was fear. I was startled and unsure as to what I was even experiencing, yet only seconds afterward, I felt a peace come over me. I knew this visitation was holy and of the Lord. The angel spoke to me a simple yet powerful word: “Consecrate yourself” and “Come out from among them.” That was it. Then he departed.

Little did I realize at the time that the angel’s word was a word not just for me but for the church overall, setting forth a blueprint and road map for us to return to our first love, Jesus Christ.

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