Morning Rundown: 40-Year Friend: Beware of Evil Reports Regarding Mike Bickle

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40-Year Friend: Beware of Evil Reports Regarding Mike Bickle

Years ago, I had a divine appointment with Billy Graham and asked for advice. Pointing to his Bible, he said, “Stay in the book!”

Let’s do just that as we consider a fresh look at the challenging situation Christian leader Mike Bickle currently faces.

A month ago, allegations were raised by a group alleging Bickle conducted himself in untoward ways requiring investigation and possible disciplinary measures.

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New ‘Trolls’ Movie Brings With It a Strong Parental Warning

In the vibrant world of animated movies, “Trolls Band Together” seems like harmless, colorful entertainment for children.

Yet, beneath its cheerful exterior lies a subtle integration of symbols and messages that sow seeds of confusion and challenges the values Christian parents strive to instill in their children.

The rainbow, a symbol of God’s promise, takes center stage in this film, but is instead associated with the LGBTQ community. The juxtaposition of these seemingly innocent elements raises questions about the subtle influence media can have on young minds.

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Mario Murillo: Why Would Christians Vote for Abortion?

Many believers are still shocked and dismayed. Why did abortion score so many election victories? The answer is clear. Christians voted for abortion. These laws could not have passed without their vote.

Why would anyone who claims to follow Jesus vote to kill babies?

And make no mistake: That is exactly what they did. A fetus is a person—a person over whom God watched while He made them.

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