Larry Tomczak’s Week in Review: LGBTQ Planning Banner Year: Prepare so ‘Always Ready to Answer’

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Larry Tomczak

Gay, lesbian and transgender activists plan to bring new levels of success in ’24 in recruiting and reaching more people with their message of sexual “freedom” and celebration of same-sex “marriage.” The enemy knows “his time is short” (Rev. 12:12c) so he’s orchestrating new strategies especially focused on youth.

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Starting with fervent prayer for wisdom and compassion in engaging with those deceived, Christians are called to stand in the evil day (see Eph. 6:13) and must be equipped to courageously counter the seductive narratives swirling around us. We must “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15).

Watch Larry Tomczak respond lovingly and uncompromisingly to Ellen DeGeneres after she mentioned him and misled millions on national TV. Learn the basics exposing the fallacy of gay marriage so you’re prepared to do the same!

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