Keith Collins: The Church Needs to Wake Up!

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Keith Collins

In recent decades there has been a great change or shift in the way many within Western civilization think and process basic ideas about how culture should function and exist. In truth, this shift is more like a megashift in comparison to the way that many, if not most, within the Western world at one time viewed life, values and the mere existence of humanity.

For years among Westerners there was a sense of solid apprehension with regard to the understanding of truth and how the biblical roots of that truth apply to how the human race lives and expresses itself. An understanding of biblical truth in essence necessitates that there must be a recognition proclaiming that ultimate truth is an objective reality and therefore exists outside of us and remains true despite the way we see or accept it.

Sadly, there are many Christians who are unaware and greatly unequipped to combat postmodern philosophy, and in turn, defend the foundations of solid biblical doctrine that clearly define what truth really is.

In this episode of Maintain the Flame on the Charisma Podcast Network, I will attempt to explain in part the basics tenets of postmodernism in an attempt to bring awareness to the perils that befall a society that sleeps its way through the numbing effects of this ever-encroaching deception that has an entire generation within its crosshairs.

In the sense that postmodernism is a philosophy, it seems to have raised its head and extended its influence everywhere these days. The media, public schools, universities, college professors, attorneys, judges, ministers and even many of our national politicians seem to be indoctrinated and even controlled by its ideas and deliberate philosophical agendas. While the teachings of evangelical Christianity are overlooked and even dismissed as out of date and grossly irrelevant, postmodernism has made great strides in creating and developing overarching thought patterns that are now clearly pervasive in much of Western society.

The consequences of postmodernism are terribly destructive, especially when it comes to the unraveling of family values and Christian heritage. In truth we are in need of immediate assistance if we as a nation and especially as the body of Christ in fact do not understand what postmodernism actually is and how it aggressively degenerates a society by bringing about a predictable implosion due to immorality and unbridled lawlessness.

It is incumbent upon all of us to educate our children spiritually and intellectually, so that they will be prepared and armed to resist the incessant barrage of immorality that postmodernism will continue to spew forth in the years to come.

Also, Christian leaders must take a lead role in standing firm on the authority of biblical truth in every facet of life as this battle will definitely continue to wage on with aggression as time marches forward.

There are two basic truths that need to be apprehended and utilized as sources of correct navigation through the treacherous waters in the storm of postmodernism. First, humanity is lost and in sin, as Adam and Eve were when they rebelled against God and fell in the Garden of Eden.

Despite modern thought patterns, humanity does not improve aside from God despite education, life experience, tolerance, benevolence, humanitarian efforts and so forth. Even though there have been huge cultural shifts and varying thought patterns, the truth remains that mankind was made in God’s image and ruined by sin and therefore must have a source of redemption in order to be salvaged from eternal destruction.

Second, it is crucial when we begin to unpack postmodernism to understand that the foundational truths and doctrines of the Word of God are immutable and have and will continue to stand the test of time, as well as scrutiny from those who deny its authoritative design and declarations. The gospel does not change. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Therefore, to understand the perils of postmodernism we must know that the sovereignty of almighty God is a basic, foundational reality in light of Christianity and the tenants of our faith. God directs and designs everything that happens or comes to pass, even though He is not the author of sin. In essence He works all things out according to His own purposes and eternal desires.

These foundational truths comprise a meta-narrative and give explanation from a broad view to the world as we embrace it as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. These overarching views give us divine purpose and present meaning to all comprised in the context of what we know and embrace as the universe.

Above all the specific things regarding life, there is an eternal design and purpose for all that finds its genesis in the heart of almighty God Himself. This is foundational as it relates to an individual’s proper ability to understand God and the Bible, and it gives us a compass by which we are able to navigate through life with a sense of divine direction and supernatural peace.

In stark contrast, the postmodernist flatly denies that a meta-narrative is even plausible or able to actually exist. Instead, the belief system of a postmodernist says that every individual human being develops or creates his or her on narrative or sense of reality, which is predicated upon one’s social upbringing (community) or one’s own personal apprehension of knowledge.

In past years the majority of individuals were inclined to think in terms of two contrasting meta-narratives which were Christianity, which embraces theism and a revelation of God as seen in the Scriptures; or Humanism, which includes but is not limited to: rationalism, evolution, naturalism and progressivism.

We are in the midst of a philosophical revolution in America and beyond. This destructive revolution has also found its way into the church through unbiblical teaching, preaching and even promotion of practice. Again, this is an urgent hour.

In defining postmodernism there are multiple concepts that come into play, including the following:

  1. Deconstructionism: Language, whether written or verbalized, does not relate to objective truth; instead it is only a type or system of linguistic characters or signs that in essence only relates back to itself, and therefore, no true objective meaning can be brought to light through language alone.
  2. Moral Relativism (Nihilism): A denial of all objective grounds for truth. Therefore, postmodernism in its philosophical approach and purpose is clearly relativistic. Moral relativism in its basic position rejects beliefs regarding religion or morality. It denies any grounds for anything to be considered absolute or truthful.
  3. Pluralism: All opinions in essence have the same value, and there are no real values at all, except to the individual or individuals who hold to or actually believe in those values.
  4. Existentialism: There is no real meaning in any certain thing or in all things put together. In its extreme view, the entirety of the world becomes without meaning and altogether foolish or absurd.

As we look at these definitions that now influence so much of our culture, it is imperative for the church to wake up! We must be prayerful and active as we advance the gospel in the midst of an aggressive attack to destroy the foundations of all that is good and godly in our nation and beyond. {eoa}

Keith Collins is the founder of Generation Impact Ministries and Impact Global Fellowship. He is actively involved in itinerant ministry, teaching and writing. In recent years, Keith served as the president of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and as the director of FIRE School of Ministry, which were both born out of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. His recent book, Samuels Arising: Waking Up to God’s Prophetic Call, is now available on Amazon, and his podcast, titled Maintain the Flame, can be heard on iTunes and at You can contact Keith via his websites at or

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