‘I Saw Organized Evil’: Actor Rob Schneider on Fear, Coercion and a Failure to Follow ‘Science’

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Actor Rob Schneider believes many of the actions taken during the COVID-19 lockdowns originated in “fear” and, as a result, were misplaced or missed the mark.

“I saw organized evil, and people coerced into doing things,” he said. “And then closing churches while they kept open strip clubs, and marijuana places, and liquor stores.”

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Schneider continued, “At a certain point, you realize that there is a darkness that, every hundred years or so, befalls the Earth and human beings—and you better be prepared for it.”

While the actor said it’s essential to be “diligent” and ready, he encouraged people not to be fearful, warning bad decisions can come when actions are rooted in terror rather than common sense.

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“Obviously, what happened during COVID … the decisions that were made were done from a place of fear, not science, and not logic, and not what was best for children,” Schneider said.

The actor has openly discussed the need to find forgiveness for some of the wrongs he believes were perpetuated and the rhetoric aimed at those questioning COVID-19 responses.{eoa}

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