How This Missionary Is Using the ‘Gospel of Sexuality’ to Restore the Lost

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Jim and Lisa Anderson

“I remember when I went to Russia, how terrified I was. I was ready to preach my message, and I’m preaching about the pro-life issue, that abortion is sin. And I remember the Lord interrupted me in that because the women began to cry. I said, ‘Lord, the women are crying. If the women keep crying, I’m not going to be able to finish my sermon.’

“And the Lord said, ‘I don’t care about your dumb sermon; I’m changing your ministry. I want you to be able to minister healing in this area.’

“I was terrified.

“In that very moment, the Lord interrupted me and said, ‘Do I have permission to be a supernatural God?'”

This divine interruption in the former Soviet Union marked a turning point in Jim Anderson’s ministry. The supernatural healing and deliverance that was released in that gathering would serve to redefine his ministry and catalyze what would later shape his work with Sexuality Unmasked. On that day in Russia, Anderson took up a new ministry mantle: to preach a prophetic message that exposes the lies in culture which falsely define the sexual roles of men and women and that helps establish them in their true God-given identities.

Since that historic moment in Russia in 1995 Anderson has returned to Russia for dozens of ministry trips and has carried what he calls “the gospel of sexuality” to many nations around the world. Still committed to the pro-life cause of ending abortion, Anderson is convinced that his ministry today more dynamically addresses the issue at a systemic level.

“Abortion is the end of the conveyor belt of a culture that worships sex,” Anderson says.

For this reason, Anderson has devoted his life to breaking the cultural silence in the church on the topic of sex. Today he ministers to students, young adults and church leaders around the world with remarkable grace for healing, deliverance and restoration from the negative effects of abortion, abuse, adultery, immorality, pornography, rape, sexual confusion and sex trafficking.

It is clear to anyone who hears him that he has been fashioned by God for this work, and he is impassioned for it.

“You preach what you get! You preach what you get, and you only get what you preach,” Anderson emphasizes. “We need to begin to declare that God will heal you!”

Tune in to this episode of Jesus Movement Now to hear host Adam Narciso and Jim Anderson discuss 5 reasons the church is often silent on the topic of sex and learn how you can take steps to play your unique part in today’s Jesus movement. {eoa}

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