How God Used This Pastor’s Long-Lost Bible to Transform Its Finder’s Life

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Marti Pieper

An Oklahoma pastor who lost his Bible 15 years ago was overjoyed to find out that it had been used to bring someone into a relationship with Christ.

Pastor Paul Daugherty with the Tulsa-based megachurch Victory posted the story on Facebook titled “Crazy Story.”

“Meet Clayton—he found this old Bible at a shelter 10 years ago and started reading it, and saw the name P. DAUGHERTY on the front cover not knowing who that was but seeing all kind(s) of little journal notes, and underlines and scribble thoughts next to scripture verses from the Old Testament to the New Testament,” he wrote.

The pastor wrote that Clayton would occasionally read the Bible and “treasured those little scribbled thoughts and notes as much as the Bible verses. He surrendered his life to Christ recently and broke free of a lot of stuff.”

After giving his life to God, Clayton came out to Victory last weekend and asked Daugherty if this was his Bible.

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