The Prophetic Meaning Behind the Full Moon of Tabernacles

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The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles began at sundown on Wednesday, Oct. 4, but the best celestial views come at dawn on tabernacles morning.

Two years ago, the fourth blood moon of the 2014-2015 Tetrad occurred on Sept. 27, 2015. Some had seen the blood moons as harbingers of disaster, but the Scriptures speak of blood moons as a sign of the outpouring of the Spirit and salvation (Acts 2:17-21). The blood moon is also a sign of overcoming evil, as the moon, symbolic of believers (Ps. 89:37) is covered by the blood (Rev. 12:11). The fact that the tabernacles blood moon of 2015 occurred in the constellation Pisces (the fish), the sign of the church, reminds us that tabernacles is about the ingathering of the church to spend eternity with God. See our book, The Mystery of the Blood Moons, available on Amazon, for more information.

This year, the full moon of tabernacles will also be in the sign of the church, Pisces. The two fish of Pisces are joined together by a cord known as the band, which represents the unity of the church as is symbolized by a bright star in Pisces called Okda, meaning “The United.” We are reminded of Christ’s prayer in John 17:20-23 that the church be united. Interestingly the only planet visible with the full moon in the evening is Saturn (the ruler) which symbolizes Christ’s rule over all, which is also symbolized by tabernacles.

It is on the morning of tabernacles, Oct. 5, when the other four visible planets add to the celestial picture for tabernacles. The bright morning star, Venus, representing Christ, the seed of woman, is visible just before dawn in the constellation Leo, the lion, which pictures the fate of God’s enemies. This vision of judgment, commonly called hell, stands in stark contrast with the promise of heaven given in the Feast of Tabernacles. Yet, amazingly, the red planet Mars is almost touching Venus, reminding us that the red blood of Jesus, represented by Mars, is still available for salvation.

The other two planets, Mercury and Jupiter, are lost in the sun’s light on tabernacles morning. Mercury, the morning star laid low (Isa. 14:12), was also known as “the burnt one” to the ancients, and its fall into the sun reminds us of the fiery fate awaiting Satan and his followers. However, joining Mercury in the Sun’s light is Jupiter, representing the suffering Savior, as a reminder that Christ’s sacrifice can set us free from judgment.

So if you are up before dawn on tabernacle morning, enjoy the view. And don’t forget to tell someone that by the blood of Jesus and His suffering, they can spend eternity tabernacles with God in heaven. {eoa}

Ron Allen is a Christian businessman, CPA and author who serves in local, national and international ministries, spreading a message of reconciliation to God, to men and between believers. He is founder of the International Star Bible Society, telling how the heavens declare the glory of God; the Emancipation Network, which helps people escape from financial bondage; and co-founder with his wife, Pat, of Corporate Prayer Resources, dedicated to helping intercessors.

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