Comedian Rob Schneider Discovers Jesus, Forgiveness

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Billy Hallowell

Comedian Rob Schneider is increasingly speaking about his faith, heralding the importance of forming a foundation on God and forgiving others.

“Jesus only lets you stray so much,” Schneider recently told CBN News of his decision to re-embrace the faith he once found as a teenager. “At a certain point, He grabbed me again and hugged me.”

The Saturday Night Live alum, who stars in a new Bentkey cartoon, “Chip Chilla,” went on to describe what he sees as an inherent beauty in Christianity—a faith he believes is predicated upon true goodness.

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“There are other religions out there that say, ‘Well, kill your enemy; hate your enemy,'” Schneider said. “And we have a religion that says, ‘Love your enemy, love thy neighbor as thyself … love others.’ What a beautiful way to go through life.”

The actor reflected on a now-viral X post from November in which he apologized for past unforgiveness, particularly surrounding COVID and his anger over how fellow performers handled the issue.

“There were people that angered me,” Schneider said, citing examples of celebrities’ staunch views on vaccinations and other related issues. “I had to dig what’s underneath that anger.”

Reflecting on how some progressive celebrities handled COVID, Schneider said he had to question where the forgiveness was in his own heart, explaining he now knows he can’t always “interpret what other people are feeling.”

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Considering fear drove so much of the reaction to COVID, he now has a lighter tone in expressing his critiques of fellow celebrities.

“If I am going to lead my life and be an example, as Christ compels us to do, then I have to do it,” Schneider continued. “Even if it hurts, even if it stretches how I used to feel … and, once you forgive, the beautiful thing about forgiveness is … you end up feeling better.”

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