Charisma Highlights: Scripture Stakes Surrounding Texas City Incite Witches to Harassment

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The right heart. The right goals. The right contact information—right into the hands of those who serve the enemy.

That’s what happened to one Texas ministry when they decided to plan an event for their town. Longview, Texas, is just a medium-sized town of 80-90,000. Rated one of the nation’s top 100 places to retire in 2018, Longview sits in the quiet green of piney woodlands in East Texas.

A multidenominational group of Christians started putting stakes with verses on them in the ground at all the entrances of their city in 2017 with Scriptures that declared the authority of God over the land and its people. The annual event, called Operation Spiritual Warfare, sponsored by the local ministerial alliance, has recently sparked increased public interest.

On Feb. 12, 2018, Brian Hines called 911.

Dispatch Operator: “Fire Department … what is the address of your emergency?

Brian: “Tina! Please, Honey! I think my wife is having a heart attack! She passed out!”

Dispatch Operator: “Listen, is she breathing?”

Brian: “No, she is not!”

Tina was unresponsive.

Mike Bickle Says This Is the ‘Greatest Teaching by the Greatest Teacher for the Greatest Hour in Human History

International House of Prayer Kansas City’s Mike Bickle is convinced that the five chapters in the Bible between John 13 and John 17 are extremely critical for believers to digest during these chaotic and uncertain times in human history. He’s so convinced of the power of Jesus’ words in these chapters that he has devoted more than half a year of study of these Scriptures, 20 to 30 hours a week, he says.

They are important to the body, yet Bickle says many believers who study them don’t take them to heart or put them into action. John chapters 13 through 17 gives an account of the upper room gathering between Jesus and His disciples on the night before He was crucified.

“John 13 through 17 is the greatest teaching by the greatest teacher for the greatest time in history,” Bickle says. “The Lord really struck me with this—intensely. There is nothing in all of the Bible that equals those five chapters. Jesus is unpacking His heart at the deepest level right before He dies. Many people agree that John 13 through 17 are their favorite chapters in the Bible. But almost nobody studies them intensely or does anything with them.”

I just wanted to share a word of encouragement with you. I just love these words of encouragement.

We get such good feedback. People say, “Wow, I really needed to hear that today.” Well, I’m going to tell you a little secret. Sometimes, it’s just a spur of the moment kind of prophecy, but I get really encouraged too. I’m like, “Wow!”

Even as I’m prophesying it, I’m going, “Well, thank you, Holy Spirit. That’s really good.” Some of you don’t know but preachers often preach to themselves, even from the pulpit. They’ll say things and the Holy Spirit will start inspiring them, and it’s like, “Oh, my soul really needed to hear that.”

Controversial Pastor Greg Locke has made good on his pledge to hold a “burning service,” with his congregation reportedly coming together Wednesday night to torch Ouija boards, copies of Harry Potter and other items.

Locke, the Global Vision Bible Church pastor in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, posted a video on his Facebook page last night that started with worship and preaching and ended with a massive fire held at the church.

“The devil doesn’t win,” Locke proclaimed at the start of the video. {eoa}

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