Best-Selling Author Jonathan Cahn’s ‘The Paradigm’ Highlights the Mystery of Trump Presidency

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Jenny Rose Curtis

Thus far in his presidency, Donald Trump has fulfilled promises to his faith-based voters to protect religious freedom, defend the unborn and support churches. These actions may not have been expected from the New York billionaire, but the nation would have taken a much different turn if Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, had been elected nearly a year ago.

In his new book, The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times (—out for just over a month but debuting in the top five of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal book charts—best-selling author Jonathan Cahn makes connections between the Trump-Clinton presidential race and their history to historical figures of 3,000 years ago.

The Paradigm not only reveals the mystery behind Trump, but how ancient writings parallel many occurrences of today, including how the businessman would beat Clinton, how he would light a fire under believers and Christians leaders and how his policies would help pull America from the very dismal place the country was headed—spiritually, economically and culturally.

The Paradigm reveals that the major leaders of our day, including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, are each following in the prototype of specific leaders of ancient times—amazingly so, eerily so and precisely so,” Cahn said. “The ancient leaders even determine the amount of time the modern leader will have on the world stage. The phenomenon of Donald Trump is a mystery to many, but an ancient paradigm from nearly 3,000 years ago reveals the mystery behind the man, his rise, his strategies, his actions, his personality and his presidency. The ancient blueprint also details his campaign against the nation’s former first lady, and even pinpoints the year of his victory and ascent to power. Beyond the details, The Paradigm reveals the mystery behind the man and the reason for that ascent to power.”

In The Paradigm, Cahn details the connection between Trump and the ancient leader Jehu:

  • The rough and unpredictable nature of Jehu, foreshadowing the nature of Donald Trump.
  • Jehu’s campaign for the throne that the ancient account details as “crazy.”
  • Jehu’s strategy, revealing the strategy of Donald Trump.
  • Jehu’s showdown with the former first lady of ancient times, revealing Trump’s showdown with the former first lady Hillary Clinton.
  • Jehu’s defeat of the former first lady, foretelling Trump’s shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton—even when every major poll said the opposite.
  • Jehu’s alliance with a particular group on his way to power, revealing Trump’s alliance with a particular group that led to his surprising victory.
  • What Jehu did once he came to the throne—and what it reveals about what Trump will do in the days ahead.
  • The year of Jehu’s rise to the throne, foretelling and pinpoint the exact year of Trump’s rise to the presidency.

The Paradigm, which topped all the major best-seller lists, reveals a newly uncovered master blueprint and ancient template that foretells many events of modern history. The Paradigm also removes the veil behind the leaders, governments, events and scandals of modern times. Its disclosures are so detailed and its revelations so precise that it even speaks of events before they happen. The book will undoubtedly anger some but will amaze and stun many others with its discoveries.

Cahn, who caused a stir throughout America and the globe with the release of his instant New York Times best-seller The Harbinger, which sold over 2 million copies, followed that earth-shattering work with The Mystery of the Shemitah and The Book of Mysteries, also New York Times best sellers. In fact, the mysteries of the immensely popular The Harbinger continue and are intertwined with the mysteries of The Paradigm.

The Paradigm is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House.

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