Worth Watching: ABC’s ‘Secret Millionaire’

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Leigh DeVore


I’ll admit it. I can be somewhat of a reality TV show junkie. I don’t watch
all of them, but there are a few I especially enjoy, Top Chef, The Next
Food Network Star
and yes, The Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, New
, Miami (you get the picture). But the TV shows I can truly appreciate are those that do make
positive changes in people’s lives, for example The Biggest Loser, Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition
and now Secret Millionaire.

This show chronicles the journey of a millionaire who leaves his
affluent lifestyle and lives for a week in a poverty-stricken area. Keeping identities secret, each millionaire will find places to volunteer and also find
the unsung heroes of the communities—those people who are making a difference. At the end of the week, the Secret Millionaire reveals his identity and also gives each
hero a monetary gift. The millionaire gives at least $100,000 of his own money and determines each amount given to each organization or person.

The first episode, airing on ABC Sunday, March 6, at 8 p.m. (check local listings), features born-again Christian Dani Johnson, a wife,
mother, self-made millionaire, author and radio show host. As the Secret
Millionaire, Dani travels to Knoxville, Tenn., and lives for a week in the
rundown, drug-riddled neighborhood of Western Heights. Tune into the Secret Millionaire to watch Dani’s experience and to see what people are doing to help their community.

This is the type of show families of all ages can look
forward to watching. Yes, this show makes for great entertainment, but even
more so, it will inspire viewers to look for those who need help and to do what they
can and give what they can. May we all desire to be “secret millionaires” in
our own worlds.

To watch a trailer of Secret Millionaire, click here.

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