VIDEO: Documentary Spotlights Small Town Doctor’s Faith

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As the cost of health care continues to skyrocket and the legal challenges to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act continue to mount, one small town doctor in Tennessee is doing something to buck the trends.

A few years ago, Dr. Robert Berry opened a health clinic for the uninsured in Greeneville, Tenn., about an hour’s drive northeast of Knoxville. A man of faith, Berry named his clinic PATMOS, which he says is an acronym for “payment at the moment of service.”

During the heated debate about changes to the health care system, a camera crew from the Christian documentary company Deidox followed Berry around and discovered a doctor who took the story of the Good Samaritan to heart.  

The film Robert covers themes of faith, sacrifice, community, struggle and love of neighbor while examining the real cost of health care.  

Watch a clip from the documentary below. Additional clips can be found here.

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