The Prayer Dare

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Leigh DeVore


Ron Kincaid | Regal

Ron Kincaid, pastor of Sunset
Presbyterian Church, not only challenges readers to commit to praying like never before, he also helps readers understand the benefit.

Kincaid is uniquely qualified to issue his 40-day prayer dare because he has
kept a 30-year journal in which he’s recorded more than 40,000 answers to
specific prayers. He knows that when we pray God shows up.

Kincaid shares his journey and
invites readers to discover a deeper relationship with God through prayer. He
desires for each person to experience God’s love and power through answered

In each chapter, Kincaid shares
an example of answered prayer from his own life. Secondly, he examines
Scripture and explores the foundational truths about prayer. Readers will
have an opportunity to reflect and answer questions, making this an exceptional tool
for personal study. Lastly, a prayer dare is issued and readers will be led to
pray in a certain way. Each dare lays the foundation for making this essential practice part of everyday life.

Most believers know they should pray more. But sometimes knowing how to do that is not always easy. Kincaid takes the
mystery out of the equation and offers practical guidance. Readers will have a
new appreciation for prayer, understand afresh its importance and have the
confidence to make this a common practice in their life.

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