The Heart Revolution

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Sergio De La Mora | Baker Books

Sergio De La Mora—founder and pastor of San Diego’s
Cornerstone Church, one of the country’s fastest-growing churches—compels
readers to rise out of spiritual complacency and toward personal
transformation, in The Heart Revolution: Experience The Power of a Turned

The son of Mexican immigrants and the youngest of six, De
La Mora’s young life was swallowed up by drugs and gangs. In the eighth grade
he was nearly paralyzed after being stabbed in the back. By 16, he owned a
successful deejay company, but a cocaine habit owned him—until he allowed the
Holy Spirit to bring about a heart revolution.

Along with his own
hard-earned wisdom, De La Mora shares stories he has gathered through years of
seeing how God’s power enabled His children to turn away from alcohol, sexual
sins, drugs, self-righteousness, cancer and other struggles.

The Heart Revolution offers a
40-day plan for individuals or churches aimed at turning hearts toward a life
of love, redemption and grace rather than letting life’s circumstances dictate
their reality. It is for those who want to grow into a deeper relationship with
God and learn to be a light in the world.

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