The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin

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Christine D. Johnson

sarah palin

sarah palin

Stephen Mansfield and David A. Holland | FrontLine

Best-selling author Stephen Mansfield and writing partner David Holland reflect on the life of 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate in The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin: What She Believes and What It Means for America. The book investigates the ways her faith informs and influences her personal and political choices.

Palin took seriously her youth pastor’s challenge to be salt and light, sensing she was destined to serve. Devoted to family, with husband Todd his own man but ever supportive, she is strongly pro-life, which led her to carry her Down’s Syndrome baby, Trig, to full term against medical advice. The authors also write of her stand to see the creation account given a fair hearing in public schools.

Seeking to explain Palin and her views, the authors pause after each of the book’s three sections to learn from her beginnings, reflect on her politics and even offer her advice. The reader will see her as a devoted servant of the people aiming to practice her faith in the public square.

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