‘The Demonic Army Was So Large That It Stretched as Far as I Could See’

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Harper Collins

Read the first chapter of The Vision here: downloads.thomasnelson.com/thevision

“The demonic army was so large that it stretched as far as I could see.” So begins an epic battle that takes place just beyond the veil of this world. Rick Joyner’s modern classics The Final Quest and the follow up The Call are combined in one volume as The Vision.

In the mid-1990s Rick Joyner received a prophetic vision of the ultimate clash between the forces of good and evil. Guided by wisdom, Joyner embarks on an incredible journey from a grim battlefield, where the hordes of hell wreak havoc, to the mountain of the Lord where he fights alongside fellow soldiers, eventually making his way through the ranks of heaven.

Joyner’s experience offers both encouragement and a warning to the faithful followers of Jesus. We must remain sober about our enemy and do everything we can to help prepare our brothers and sisters. We must always remember we serve a loving God who gave Himself for us and is calling us to do the same.

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