South Asians Receive Miracles, Reject Christ

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God has shown His power to numerous people in South Asia who are
still refusing to follow Him, despite His miraculous power at work in
their lives. Even after seeing God bring healing and deliverance to
their family members, many have hardened hearts and continue to reject

Blessed, but Not Yet Believing
Gajendra Verma, touched by the love of God, has still not chosen to give his life to the One who healed him.

This man’s life was going well, until one day he began having severe
pain in his eyes. Within a few days, he was totally blind. After
visiting many hospitals and trying various treatments, he was still in
the dark. Gajendra worships traditional gods and goddesses of his area
and is strong in his religious practices. So he turned to these idols,
offering many sacrifices in hopes of being healed, but nothing helped
his condition.

One of Gajendra’s friends led him to the home of a man known as “one
who heals.” This man is really a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary
who is well known in his area for praying for the sick. After listening
to Gajendra’s situation, the missionary felt compassion and prayed for
his healing. By the grace of God, Gajendra’s eyes were healed and his
pain left. He could finally see again! Gajendra was overjoyed and
seemed interested in choosing to follow Christ.

Several days later, however, he started to stray. Instead of choosing
to follow Jesus, the One who healed him, Gajendra turned back to his
old religious traditions and customs.

Child Delivered, but Family Clings to Old Religion
In a village where strongholds of demonic spirits thrive, most of the
people worship the traditional gods and goddesses of their ancestors.
Villagers are tortured by the evil spirits, yet are resistant to the
Good News that local missionaries have shared with them.

While attending one of the village’s religious festivals, a young
girl, Idhika Rao, had a horrific experience: She returned from the
festival possessed by an evil spirit that began to torment her day and
night. When her parents noticed what was wrong, they called the local
witchdoctor to drive out the demon, but his efforts failed. When their
traditional methods didn’t work, they asked a Gospel for Asia-supported
missionary named Mehra to pray for Idhika.

The witchdoctor didn’t want
him to touch the young girl, so Mehra and other believers simply
surrounded her, praying and reading scripture. The evil spirit inside of
Idhika responded with a harsh voice. Mehra then commanded the evil
spirit to come out in the name of Jesus Christ as the other believers
kept praying for a miracle. Finally, after hours of praying, Idhika was

God’s powerful work in Idhika’s life that day was a great testimony
for all that were watching, including the witchdoctor. Mehra used it as
an opportunity to share the word of God with everyone there, but
unfortunately, they all hardened their hearts and refused to believe.

The next day, the local witchdoctor came again to perform more
rituals in Idhika’s home, and now she is feeling worse than she did
before. Idhika, sadly, is not even able to talk anymore. Her family has
also forbidden Mehra to return to their home.

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