Should We Fire God?

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Jim Pace | FaithWords

Pastor Jim Pace was sitting in a coffee shop just a few blocks from the Virginia Tech campus in 2007 when a gunman went on a shooting rampage and killed 32 people. In the following weeks and months, he and many others would ask the same questions: Where was God and why did He allow this to happen? They are questions often pondered when people see the evil and horror that seem to run unchecked around the world.

In his new book, Should We Fire God? Finding Hope in God When We Don’t Understand, Pace examines the question that if God is so loving and good, why doesn’t He stop these things? He digs deeper and examines the possible reasons for God’s seeming inaction. Giving solid biblical answers and real-life examples that help reveal God’s responses in times of turmoil and distress, Pace explains why God should most definitely never hear the words: “You’re fired!”

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