Shades of Morning

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Marlo Schalesky | Multnomah Books

Through her latest novel, Marlo Schalesky encourages readers to not live with the weight of regret.

“We have to stop locking away these parts of our lives from God’s touch,” Schalesky says. “Regrets will shape you if you give them the power, if they become what you treasure in your heart.”

Based on this concept, Shades of Morning tells Marnie Wittier’s story. Estranged from her family and escaping her past, Marnie has set up a new life with her coffee shop and bookstore. She seems happy, but she is trapped in guilt. Marnie even records all her regrets and mistakes. She just can’t seem to let them go. But God orchestrates a plan to set her free.

When Marnie’s sister, Rose, dies, Marnie becomes guardian of her 15-year-old nephew, Emmitt, who has Down syndrome. Not only does Marnie have new and challenging responsibilities, but she also has to address issues from her past. And she has to face Tyler Cole, her sister’s attorney and a man she once loved but abandoned.

With Emmitt and Tyler in her life, Marnie’s heart begins to heal. However, circumstances resurrect the regret she’s become so accustomed to living with. Will she allow herself to find freedom or will her sorrow cause her to run again?

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