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Cathy Marie Hake | Bethany House

skilled in bartering, Maggie Rose takes a risk every time she trades one of her
many treasures with those who visits her home in Carver’s Holler. But when Todd
Valmer stumbles upon her doorstep carrying his very sick mother, Maggie soon
realizes she is about to barter her most prized possession—her heart.

by her beauty, her tenderness with his mother, not to mention her ability to
cook, Todd is more than confident Maggie would make a wonderful bride and
helpmate on his Texas farm. With little time to spare, he proposes, promising
Maggie that love will grow. He also agrees to let her bring along her treasures,
not knowing just how much she had collected.

her Arkansas home, Maggie soon fears she has made a terrible mistake as she
adjusts to living in a one-room cabin with a mother-in-law who seemingly
despises her and a husband who fails to understand her chatty, headstrong ways
and her love for roses.

Cathy Marie Hake’s Serendipity is a beautiful, well-written story of the
love and respect that can grow between a husband and wife when they learn to
trust God and each other.

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