Running Scared

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Robert Leon Davis | Monarch Books

By the time Robert Leon Davis turned himself in to
authorities after 22 years of living as a fugitive, he had collected a grocery
list of crimes worth many years in prison—but God proved Himself merciful.

Born the eldest of nine children, Davis was raised by his
grandmother’s sister. Despite his Christian upbringing, he was unable to live
untainted by Hollygrove, a “crime-infested” area of New Orleans, where he
learned to steal cars.

In hopes of making something
good out of his life, Davis joined the New Orleans Police Department, but, like
many of his fellow cops, he eventually began practicing “crooked justice.”
Running scared, as the book’s title suggests, he hit the road and lived alone
in the woods, venturing out from time to time and racking up more crimes. In
the Tennessee woods, Davis put out a fleece before God and finally submitted
his life to Him, though not before contemplating suicide.

 Running Scared will keep the reader turning pages to
see what’s going to happen. Davis’ heart-wrenching story demonstrates the power
of God’s unconditional love to get the attention of the wayward soul.

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