Rifqa Bary to Remain in Foster Care Until Age 18

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Adrienne S. Gaines

teen convert Rifqa Bary will not be forced to return to her Muslim parents.

agreement the 17-year-old reached with her parents Tuesday says she will remain
in foster care under Ohio state custody until she turns 18 in August. At that
time she will be an adult and will be able to decide what she wants to do.


Bary’s attorney read a statement
in Franklin County Juvenile Court Tuesday, saying Bary and her parents love
each other and will attempt to resolve their differences through counseling,
the Associated Press reported.

Bary ran away to Florida in
July, saying she feared her father would harm or kill her for converting from
Islam. Her father has denied the claim, and a Florida law enforcement
investigation found no evidence to support the teen’s accusations.

In Florida, Bary took refuge
with Blake and Beverly Lorenz, pastors of Global Revolution Church, whom she
met through a prayer group on Facebook. The pastors are currently under
investigation for their role in helping the teen run away.

Attorney John Stemberger, who
represented Bary when her case was in Florida, said the settlement was a
victory for the teen. “Anytime you get a settlement and get what you want,
it’s always better than having a trial,” he told the Orlando Sentinel.
“In terms of what’s in Rifqa’s best interest, this is in Rifqa’s best



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