Rape Tour Organizer Responds to MSNBC Attack

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Rebecca Kiessling


night, Rachel Maddow went on a rant against my recent “Conceived in
Rape Tour” for Personhood Mississippi. Once again, she ignorantly
referred to children like me as being “the rapist’s child.”

First of all, I am not the rapist’s child! He doesn’t even know of my
existence, as in most rape cases. And what an insult to the majority of
rape victims who not only choose life for their child, but choose to
raise their child—after everything they’ve been through, Maddow has
the audacity to refer to the rape victim’s child as being “the rapist’s

The ones who abort are four times more likely to die within the
next year. If you truly have compassion for a rape victim, you’d want
to protect her from the abortion, not the baby! A baby is not the
worst thing that could ever happen to a rape victim—an abortion is.

To be pro-woman is to recognize that women are much stronger than they
are given credit for, and to understand that a baby is not the scary
enemy. No woman has to be afraid of a baby!

Rachel Maddow is the one who is extreme because she’s against the death
penalty for rapists, but supports the death penalty for the innocent
child who happened to be conceived in rape. That’s extreme! However, I
did not miss the fact that she failed to mention that the “Conceived in
Rape” tour involved a real human being—and I’m a woman no less!

My birth mother did not choose life for me. She chose abortion. But
pro-life advocates in Michigan chose life for me by making sure abortion
was illegal in Michigan, even in cases of rape. They are my heroes and I
owe my life to them! My near-death experience is very real. I feel like
I was saved from a burning building and as I have the opportunity to go
back and save others, I most certainly will.

Despite wanting to abort me more than four decades ago, my birth mother is
proud of me today, has shared her story alongside me, and is so thankful
we were both protected from the abortion. I honor her and I bring her
healing, which is why she and her husband legally adopted me last fall,
22 years from the day we met. But Rachel Maddow doesn’t have the heart
to understand something so wonderful. She only pretends to care about

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