Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree

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Perry Stone | Charisma House

Best-selling author and teacher
Perry Stone knows that a satisfying family life is more than attainable. In his
new book, Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree,
Stone delves to the heart of the issues and shows how to release you and your
family from Satan’s strongholds and the generational oppressions that can
hinder your life. 

“There is a way for you to purge
your house from negative family or generational roots, and there are steps that
you can take to prune your family tree of lifeless, non-fruit-bearing
branches,” says Stone. “If you will read this book, believe what you read, and
begin to practice these biblical prin­ciples, this revelation can change your

Using biblical knowledge and
spiritual insight, Stone brings to light the ways Satan launches attacks
against families. Stone also shares with readers how they can create a home of
love by overcoming the hindrances and hurdles that hold them back. 

“In this book you will find
principles that can help you to understand what the roots to your circumstances
are. The important insights and illumination in this book from God’s Word can
alter the circumstances of your life and bring a change that will positively impact
you and your family,” writes Stone. 
“Your battles are not always about you; often they are about the future
of your seed or of someone you may influence for the kingdom.”

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