Prophetic Leaders Give Direction After Midterms

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This week national prophetic voices gathered to assess the
state of the nation and church following the midterm elections during a live

While most agreed the outcome of the midterms moved the nation
in the right direction, they insisted that prayer and repentance will bring
true national transformation.

The one-hour online show G.I. Connect was hosted by
Mike and Cindy Jacobs, heads of Generals International in Red Oak, Texas, and featured an array of ministers. Among
them were Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries in Fort Mill, S.C.; Harry
Jackson of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, M.d.; Bishop Bill Hamon of
Christian International and Pastor Jane Hamon of Christian International Family
Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

Jackson, who was interviewed first, said the GOP gains were
further evidence that God was “cleaning house” among the nation’s leaders both
in government and in the church. 

“God is about to sweep clean many, many places of power in
America, just as he has done with removing Democratic Party leaders at an
unprecedented level,” Jackson said.

He also said that this “sweeping” is giving rise to a new
crop of underrepresented leaders in government, such as
Hispanics like Marco Rubio who recently won a Republican Senate seat in

Jackson said the midterms made it apparent that the president
and the Democratic Party no longer had a foothold in the minority faith groups.

“I think the church is starting to get it,” he said. “The
defeat at midterm really speaks of a greater problem that the administration is
going to have. Unless there is major repentance and turning, we are going to
see a major shift in 2012.”

Cindy Jacobs agreed with Jackson’s comments and added that
the next pro-family move will be led by minority voters. “The greatest voter
that will be pro-life and pro-defense of marriage, will be black and
[Hispanic],” she said.

During his segment, Joyner encouraged believers not to
become complacent as a result of the recent political “victories,” and he
admonished them to pray for the nation as never before. He said Christians
can’t wait for 2012 elections to see change in the nation, but that Christians
must make spiritual changes now or the country will go into a deeper decline.

 “2011 could be one of
the most intense years we’ve ever had,” he said. “We can’t be controlled by
political correctness. We’ve got to stand up boldly and preach the truth or
we’re going to lose.”

Bill Hamon said the change America is looking for will not
come from politics alone but from Christians interceding for true transformation in
this nation. The church must prepare for the coming spiritual awakening.

“If we get everybody praying in the spirit. And let the Holy
Spirit lead … we could start turning the heavens upside down for the glory of
God,” Bill Hamon said. “[This will] bring reformation and bring transformation
to America.”

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