Prison Ministry Opens Campus in Violent Juarez

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Bible Institute just opened CBI Mexico North, its 13th international satellite campus. Based in Ciudad Juárez, CBI
México North offers the promise of peace in Christ to people incarcerated
in a city dominated by violence, warfare and chaos.

In 2007, prior to the turf war between the Juárez and Sinaloa drug
cartels that began the following year, Juárez saw 300 homicides. That
number shot to 3,000 by 2010, according to CBI.

As of early 2011, the city averaged eight
homicides a day. Although the death toll lessened slightly this spring,
it remains shockingly high as corruption runs rampant and the drug cartels fight for control of
smuggling routes.

Not surprisingly, violence permeates the prison environment as well. But
CBI’s new satellite campus, led by Emmanuel Sandoval Ramos, offers a
hope-filled alternative.

Ramos became familiar with Crossroad through his studies at
All Nations Seminary. Students at the seminary serve as CBI Instructors,
an effort facilitated by Jeananne and Dan Kuiper, missionaries with
Christian Reformed World Missions, through CBI’s Seminarian Program. The
seminarians’ efforts will now be channeled through CBI Mexico North.

The first CBI students are incarcerated in CERESO Prison in Juárez. Most
are part of a vibrant prison church that meets within the facility, and
they use what they learn through the Crossroad program to disciple
others within their congregation. Many have directed family members on
the outside to Ramos’ church, which has received them with
open arms.

No program comparable to that of CBI exists in the prisons and jails of
Mexico, and instructors, students and even prison officials have
welcomed it enthusiastically. Ramos explains, “The leaders of CERESO
Prison see the materials as being very good and useful. We know the
blessing this discipleship will bring to the city.”

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