Personhood USA Gathers 1 Million Prolife Sigs

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Jennifer LeClaire


Personhood USA is on a mission to collect millions of signatures across the United States with its nationwide petition—and it just got a little closer to its goal.

The national prolife organization reports closing in on the milestone of gathering nearly 1 million signatures of Americans in support of defending the rights of unborn children. Specifically, the group has gathered more than 919,000 signatures on legal petitions. Personhood USA also announced it is now actively working in all 50 states.

“Now in every state in America, prolife volunteers are engaging their communities with the truth of personhood, and are working to change the laws as citizens or lobbying the lawmakers in their state to do their job and protect every person by love and by law,” says Keith Mason, co-founder of Personhood USA.

Personhood USA is led by Christian ministers Mason and Cal Zastrow—and their families. They consider themselves missionaries to preborn children. The group has been working for two years to protect what it calls “preborn humans.” In every state where a personhood amendment is attempted, Personhood USA launches educational efforts to drive awareness of the issue.

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