Pastor Rallies for Eddie Long to Step Down

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This weekend a South Carolina pastor held a rally on the
steps of the Georgia Capitol calling for Bishop Eddie Long to step down until
the investigation into allegations that he used his influence and money to
coerce young men into sexual relationships were proved

Bishop H. “Prophet” Walker of True Light Pentecost
Church in Spartanburg, S.C., told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Long “had no
right to continue as a leader of the Christian church.” During the rally,
Walker emphasized that he has no authority over
Long but that members of Long’s church New Birth Missionary Baptist in
Lithonia, Ga., should force him to step down. “They have
to understand that this is their church, not Bishop Long’s,” Walker

About 75 people, most of them part of Walker’s church, attended
the rally. Members of the South Carolina Tea Party were also represented.
Michael Brady of the Boiling Springs Tea Party said: “We believe that Christians
need to stand up for wrong.” He said that the allegations are a “crime against
the community, and a crime against humanity, and Christians have to stand up
against that.”

Walker says he
plans to host other rallies across the country until Long steps down. “We’re not
going to stop,” he said.

Neither Long nor his representative commented about
the event, but Long has denied the allegations of sexual misconduct through his
spokesman. He continues to speak at his church.

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