Passport Through Darkness

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Kimberly L. Smith | David C. Cook

Kimberly L. Smith,
president and co-founder of Make Way Partners, has created more than another
mission “how-to” in Passport Through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and
Second Chances
. This warrior for orphans, widows, the sick and homeless has
bared her soul in this challenging, startlingly open tale of her journey from
business executive to tireless advocate.

Mama Kimberly, as she
is known in Sudan, describes the tragedy and people of that war-torn country,
as well as the raw emotion she experienced there and at home. Smith reveals her
sin as she struggled with shame and grief at what she experienced, yet she also
speaks of hope and joy. She and Sudanese worker James built more than a home
for orphans; they built an oasis of hope in a war-torn country where torture,
rape and death are everyday occurrences.

Readers can’t help
but come away changed by the deep love and raw emotion shown here. Smith’s
powerful account will appeal to mission-minded Christians and to others willing
to engage to make a difference in this world.

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purchase this book.

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