Operation Rescue Calls Obama to Withdraw Six Nomination

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Operation Rescue is calling on President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Steve Six to the Federal Appeals Court.

“Based on the lack of support by Senators from Six’s home state and
Six’s proven willingness to allow political and personal biases
influence his professional decisions, President Obama should spare the
nation a protracted and divisive battle over this nominee and withdraw
his name from consideration,” says Operation Rescue President Troy

Kansas Senators Jerry Moran and Past Roberts have each issued statements
opposing the Six nomination. Votes on his confirmation have been
delayed several times in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Six is a pro-abortion Democrat who was appointed by former Kansas Gov.
Kathleen Sebelius, who now serves as Obama’s Secretary of Health and
Human Services, to finish a term as Kansas Attorney General after Paul
Morrison was forced to resign in disgrace amid an unseemly sex and
abortion corruption scandal. Six was defeated last November in his own
bid for Attorney General.

Even though Morrison had attempted in every way to subvert and obstruct
investigations into Kansas abortion clinics, Six maintained and even
advanced Morrison’s flawed legal strategies. Operation Rescue reports:

•Six sought and received a gag order on evidence that Planned Parenthood “cooked the books,” committing felonies to cover up for misdemeanors in a case where Planned Parenthood was charged with 107 criminal counts.
•Six sued Judge Richard Anderson,
the records custodian in the Planned Parenthood case, to keep him from
testifying about manufactured evidence in his possession.
•Six entered into a pre-trial stipulation agreement in the criminal illegal late-term abortion case against George Tiller that virtually assured Tiller’s acquittal. The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts disagreed with Six and pursued their own case against Tiller, which was ongoing and advancing at the time of Tiller’s death.
•When asked by the Senate Judiciary Committee about his involvement in abortion cases, Six gave implausible answers that called into question his honesty.

“It has become crystal clear that Six is too biased to serve,” says Newman. “It’s time for Obama to cut his losses and move on.”

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