Obama Must Repent Over Same-Sex Marriage Support

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Darryl Husband


I must admit: I was reluctant to publicly share my views on
President Obama’s recent same-sex marriage statement. His presidency has caused separation within the ranks of
African-American leadership too often.

And yet, what does an African-American pastor do when his
African-American president makes a decision that eventually will destroy
the foundation of not only the African-American community, but the
nation as a whole?

Does that pastor take a risk that he will be misunderstood and
labeled as an “Uncle Tom,” a Republican Party pawn, or someone “the
white man has bought out?” If I do not take the risk, knowing that
mentality in itself is as discriminatory as it gets, I become a
co-conspirator in keeping us in bondage to our culture; suggesting that
none of us is free to think or speak outside of what we are told.

I am neither a Republican, an “Uncle Tom” or bought out by anyone. I
am simply accepting my responsibility as a citizen and a prophetic voice
crying out in the wilderness of this generation. I decided that the
risk is worth it. It is my responsibility as a pastor to speak to issues
both popular and unpopular which affect the moral fiber of our society.

I cannot be silent, whether it comes from a Bush-led or an Obama-led
White House. My response must be the same. ‘Tis true, the moral fiber of
every generation is always challenged. However, challenges to our moral
core must not be ignored. They must be met with bold correction or
their seeds will suffocate us into chaos and extinction. If we begin to
grow up a society that condones sexual behavior that cannot reproduce
life, what other result can we expect?

Our president is proof that politicians cannot set our moral agenda.
Too often they are co-opted by the polls of an ever-changing culture or
influenced by the latest voting bloc that could get them over the edge
in an election.

Decisions that affect our moral fiber should not ever be made based
upon voting blocs. While we are indeed a democracy, we are like a family
that’s supposed to have trained, skilled leadership, which makes
decisions based upon what the outcomes of those decisions will be in our

Ideally, families have parents that are given to lead them to a
morally, ethically, fiscally healthy or responsible end. Every choice
and intention should be based upon some foundational principles or
truths for those expected results to come to manifestation. An attempt
to satisfy “one” child at the expense of the rest, for the purpose of
popularity, is parental immaturity and has destructive implications
attached. It speaks strongly to that parent’s capability or incapability
to lead.

While many of us have persons in our families whom we love dearly
that practice homosexuality, it is irresponsible for us to sanction it
as a “norm” for family life. To make it a norm will eventually change
the thinking of every new generation to fight the principles of the
Bible, the core beliefs that keep us from being totally unrestrained as a

Standards of living are important. They give us balance. President
Obama set a dangerous precedent from the highest office in the land with
no spiritual counsel or future insight to the full ramification of his
statement. Or did he? If he did, then we must deduce several things: 1)
He has little to no regard for the church and many of its leaders; 2) He
denies the foundational truth or at best misinterprets Scriptures on
what the Word of God says how a family is structured; 3) He seeks to
weaken the voice of the once only, free voice in our society (The
African-American pastor).

Down the road, not to marry same sex-couples will eventual spell the
end of funding that so many depend upon to do ministry and eventually
may end in jail time for violation of rights or discrimination
accusations. At the very least we will be spending unnecessary and
needed monies in court to fight for principles we preach.

I am saddened as I write this, knowing many of our African-American
leaders will not take a bold stance, because we are still clouded in
political and cultural power struggles, unable to see the future of our
communities losing its one sure foundation. The one
place that has always been free to fight for everything the
African-American people have had was the church. If the church does not
speak now, that voice will lose what is left of its waning authority.

No, I will not be silent and I challenge other leaders as well to let
their voices be raised without thinking this attack is a personal,
political party, homophobic or color issue. By NO means is it. This is a
moral issue, period. We must sound the alarm, “Mr. President, rescind
your remarks, revisit your views and hear the voice of the Lord. We need
you to stand for what is right, not what appears to be popular.”

Darryl Husband is the senior pastor of Mount Olivet Church and founder of Life More Abundant Ministries. You can find him online at lifemoreabundant-moc.org.

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