Now I Walk on Death Row

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Leigh DeVore


Dale S. Recinella | Chosen

Dale S. Recinella was a high-powered attorney with endless
money and big dreams, but his heart was empty and broken. On the heels of
closing a huge deal for the Miami Dolphins, he gave his life to Jesus in a
rock-bottom decision, a moment in which “I will lose every illusory thing I
have thought important, and be given everything that really matters,” he writes
in Now I Walk on Death Row: A Wall Street Finance Lawyer Stumbles Into the
Arms of a Loving God

Recinella records his long journey from penthouse to death
row is this powerful tale of asking, “Did Jesus really mean what He said?” and
receiving answers only God can give. He and his family move from mansion to
inner-city apartment, from Florida to Rome and back again. They make decisions
together, serve the poor and reach out to the mentally ill. He finds his true
heart ministering to Florida’s prison population and, eventually, its death-row

Recinella’s faith shines
brightly in this memoir, with a foreword by Dallas Willard, that will have
readers asking themselves how they can truly serve Jesus.

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