No Safe Haven

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Leigh DeVore


Kimberley Woodhouse and Kayla R. Woodhouse | B&H Books 

Fact meets fiction in this taut adventure written by a
mother-daughter team.

In real life, daughter Kayla R. Woodhouse has a rare nerve
disorder, a condition mirrored in the story in Andie Tikaani-Gray, 12-year-old
daughter of Jenna and Marcus Gray. Andie and Jenna have been alone for a year
since Marcus was killed, their lives finally beginning to find peace.

But a plane crash turns their world into a race for safety
and even for their lives. Mysterious passenger Cole Maddox is certainly hiding
something, but Andie and Jenna need his help to survive the harsh Alaskan
landscape and the dangerous men who want them dead. As the trio battles to make
it off Sultana Mountain, forces larger than they know are gathering to demand
AMI, a weapon Marcus created—and died for. Can Cole protect “his girls” long
enough to find AMI and save their lives?

The authors Woodhouse have created a novel of high
adventure, exhilarating suspense, powerful divine protection and enough love to
bring tears all around. Aside from action-adventure fans, potential readers
will include those who have seen the family’s story on ABC’s Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition

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