Nigeria Crusade Organizers Report 360,000 Salvations

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Adrienne S. Gaines


Organizers of an evangelistic crusade in eastern Nigeria said more than
360,000 people made decisions for Christ during the five-day event held last
month in the rural town of Takum.

Christ for All Nations (CfaN) evangelist Daniel Kolenda said tens of thousands attended
each night of the crusade he led with CfaN founder Reinhard Bonnke
March 24-28. He said several Fulani Muslims, an ethnic and religious minority
recently known for attacking Christian villages in Jos, professed faith in
Christ, and hundreds of people were healed.

Photo: Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and CfaN founder Reinhard Bonnke in Takum, Nigeria

“The response to the gospel preaching was huge,” he said. “Thousands were
filled with the Holy Spirit and we received many testimonies of miraculous

Kolenda said one desperate mother took her daughter out of the hospital so she
could attend the evangelistic meetings, and the girl was healed of a severe
case of typhoid fever. Another woman was healed of blindness and deafness, and
one young man was restored to his right mind after years of mental illness.

He said a woman who had been paralyzed for the past two years said she felt
the Holy Spirit come over her like a breeze while she was sleeping on the
crusade grounds. “She jumped up and suddenly realized that she was totally
well,” Kolenda said.

Attendees also brought idols and witchcraft fetishes to be burned. A group
of Fulani Muslims who accepted Christ on the second day of the crusade also
took off their charms and threw them into the barrels for burning. “Their
faces, covered in tribal markings and tattoos, were beaming with the love of
Jesus,” Kolenda said.

During the crusade week, Bonnke also led a FIRE Conference to teach
pastors about the power of Holy Spirit and train them in evangelism. “The
people came out by the thousands to receive an impartation of Holy Spirit
fire,” Kolenda reported.

After the meetings, he said churches were packed with new converts.

Bonnke has been leading mass crusades throughout
Africa for more than 35 years, and 52 million people have reportedly come to
Christ through the ministry. CfaN plans to hold another Nigeria crusade in

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