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Jimmy Stewart

Since mid-August, former Brownsville
Revival pastor John Kilpatrick has seen thousands of people flock to
revival services being held four nights a week at the convention
center in Mobile, Ala., where he now leads Church of His Presence.
The blind are seeing, the lame are walking and the deaf are hearing,
he says, at what he believes may become another long-running revival.

 Three of the most recent services, held
Nov. 5-7, currently are available for viewing online at global
network GOD TV’s video-on-demand site,
The meetings are posted in their entirety and equal more than 10
hours of viewing time.

 The revival, open to the public, has
caused a craze on YouTube. Some video coverage shows people with
various ailments being healed in front of thousands of viewers.

 The most celebrated miracle is that of
Delia Knox, gospel singer and wife of Bishop Levy Knox who serves on
the College of Bishops in the International Communion of Charismatic
Churches. In late August a wheelchair-bound Knox stood up and took
steps around the platform for the first time in more than 20 years. A
video of the event received more than 70,000 hits on YouTube in less
than a week and is up to 180,000 hits to date.

First started on July 23, “Bay of the
Holy Spirit Revival” is somewhat of a continuation of the
well-known Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Fla., which was also led
by Kilpatrick, along with evangelist Steve Hill, during the late
1990s. These days, the revival spirit has taken on a new location and
adopted technology to draw the masses.

 Kilpatrick said the spiritual
outpouring began during an annual church conference. Visiting British
evangelist Nathan Morris preached, and “we basically had another
Father’s Day,” Kilpatrick said, referring to the day in 1995
when a five-year revival broke out at his former church, Brownsville
Assembly of God in Pensacola, Fla.

 “It was the same kind of
outpouring,” he said of the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, a
reference to its location near Mobile Bay. “It was spontaneous;
it was totally unplanned. The power of God came down in such a way.”.

 Those leading the revival say physical
healings aren’t the only miracles happening. Many are also being
healed of addictions and many are being saved. And some are
reportedly being healed from a distance while watching services
streamed online.

 Kilpatrick believes this is a season
when God is going to begin to pour out His healing presence, and he’s
praying that revival will spread.

 “I don’t believe it’s just going
to happen here; I believe it’s going to start happening all over,”
he said.

 Many Americans are worried-about health
care, the economy and the future, he said to the Christian Post. “And I think one of
the things the Lord is doing—not the only thing—but I think one
of the things the Lord is doing is He’s showing the American people,
‘I can take care of you. I can heal you. I can be your physician.'”

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