Naomi and Her Daughters

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Walter Wangerin Jr. | Zondervan

Based on Judges and Ruth, Naomi and Her Daughters weaves the history of ancient Israel into the drama of Naomi’s life as a storyteller-poet. Naomi enters the homes and hearts of the residents of Bethlehem where she ministers to their physical needs, and as their wise woman or Hakamah, teaches them their history. Walter Wangerin’s Boaz becomes a grief-stricken wanderer through the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah as he remembers Naomi’s stories.

At times the reader may be confused by the shift between Naomi’s present life and the story of Israel’s past, but through the Hakamah’s storytelling, Wangerin offers a historically accurate account.

With Wangerin’s descriptive touch, even characters briefly mentioned in the Bible seem to take on flesh and blood. Readers will come to care about the pain and struggles, the defeats and victories of Naomi’s contemporaries. The familiar story of Ruth and Boaz retold by this award-winning author affirms the founding of the lineage of Jesus Christ.

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