My Hope Haiti Helps Rebuild Broken Nation

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My Hope Haiti

My Hope Haiti
With the full impact of My Hope Haiti not known for
months, over 15,000 decisions for Christ have already been registered—with about 10 percent of the churches reporting—after last weekend’s
My Hope broadcast reached the nation through TV, radio and projectors.

Standing in front of a mirror, Francois primped her flowing red dress.
She applied her mascara and blush, then combed her short black hair. She
took one more look at her reflection and turned to head out the door to
meet her friends for the evening.

Abruptly, she stopped dead in her tracks. The invitation to attend a My Hope Haiti program at a nearby church pierced her thoughts.

I haven’t been to church since I was little, so why should I suddenly go now? Francois thought. But I know I must.

Francois glanced at her watch. It was shortly after 6 p.m. The program would begin in about 30 minutes.

28-year-old abandoned her original plans and instead walked the short
distance to Eglise de Dieu Philadelphie (Philadelphia Church of God).
She seated herself among the nearly 230 people gathered in front of the
church under an expansive canopy of banana and coconut leaves.

gazed at the crowd of children and teenagers, along with some people
her age and many much older. They joyously sang about God’s unfailing
love and never-ending forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Though these
words were foreign, Francois somehow felt at home here.

When the sun finally descended and darkness enveloped the area, the crowd hushed as the 30-minute My Hope program was projected onto a large white sheet hanging on the front concrete wall of the church.

testimony of hope and faith by an international soccer superstar
arrested Francois’ attention. The star described how at the age of 18 he
suffered a career-threatening spinal fracture as a result of a swimming
pool accident, then remarkably made a full recovery. The soccer player
attributed his recovery to God and praised Him for His continued leading
and provision, especially for his wife and their two young children.

Can God possibly work in my life, too? Francois thought. Her heart stirred.

several musical numbers by prominent Haitian singers, the program next
featured a powerful gospel message by Billy Graham, which was dubbed
into Creole. Graham emphasized that God loves us so much He sent His
Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for our sins and that whoever believes in
Him may have eternal life.

Graham’s message seared Francois’
conscience. When a local pastor invited people to commit their lives to
Christ, Francois walked forward. She confessed her sins and received
Christ by faith.

“I wasn’t planning on coming tonight,” she said
after the program. “The Spirit of God led me here, so I changed my plans
and attended.”

Francois acknowledged she wants to see Christ
change her heart and her life. “I want to follow Him,” she said, her
face now graced by a warm, engaging smile.

In addition to
Francois, 42 other people surrendered their lives to Christ last
Saturday night at the Philadelphia Church of God, located at the foot of
a hillside village outside Miragoane, a coastal town in western Haiti.
The church was among 5,288 Haitian congregations participating in the
nationwide My Hope project, sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Haiti is the 54th country to host My Hope since its inception in 2002.

are now reporting how many Haitian men, women, boys and girls accepted
Christ as Savior or rededicated their lives to Him as Lord during the
recent campaign. To date, based on figures received from 518
churches—mostly in the capital city of Port-au-Prince—15,613 decisions
for Christ have been recorded so far.

One such commitment was in a
downtown Port-au-Prince church. A middle-aged woman who has been
married for many years has been praying for her non-Christian husband.
She first came alone to a My Hope showing at her pastor’s home.
But the next night she brought her husband. After hearing Graham’s
message, he asked Christ to come into his heart, to forgive him of his
sins and to give him the strength to live as a loving husband and godly
father. The couple left holding hands.

Church leaders said they are not only excited about the number of new believers who are following Christ as a result of the My Hope
project, they’re also enthused by how many of their church members are
now equipped to share their faith effectively. Up to 80,000 Christians
across Haiti were trained to serve as “Matthew” hosts. Matthews are
Christians who invite family and friends to their homes or churches to
watch the My Hope telecasts before sharing their personal testimonies of God’s love.

Rev. Sylvain Exantus, president of the Protestant Federation of Haiti, said My Hope helped ignite new life in his church. “Our members are now more motivated to proclaim the gospel,” he said.

Jean-Claude Dorlean, president of the Church of God of Prophesy in
Haiti, expressed thanks to BGEA for how 600 Matthews were trained in his
church alone and how more than 200 people accepted Christ into their
lives during the three-day My Hope campaign—to date, a partial count.

project has completely changed the way we do evangelism in our church
and throughout our denomination,” he explained. “Not only were our
members serving as Matthews during these three days, they will remain
Matthews the rest of their lives.”

Hosting a My Hope
program in his home the final night was Rev. Robert Jean Bilda,
president of the Council of Evangelical Churches in Haiti and pastor of
the First Evangelical Baptist Church in Saintard, just north of
Port-au-Prince. He also served as national coordinator for My Hope.

this project could work for the whole nation, it should also work very
well in our church and in my own home,” Bilda said.

He and
his wife, Mona, invited 10 relatives, neighbors and friends to their
home. Among them were his aunt and two of his cousins. For years he had
prayed for them and often witnessed to them, encouraging them to yield
their lives to Christ. They each said they were not ready for such a

But on Saturday evening, following Franklin Graham’s
message on the prodigal son, Pastor Bilda’s prayers were finally
answered as his aunt and two cousins received Christ as their personal
Savior. And a friend from high school and another from the university he
attended rededicated their lives to Christ.

“As I think about the impact of My Hope
in my own life and in our church and throughout my country, I thank God
for His harvest,” said Pastor Bilda, whose church had 42 Matthews and
saw 123 decisions for Christ.

“With all that Haiti has gone
through since the earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010, I now see a new Haiti
emerging,” he added. “As people’s hearts are being transformed, a new
spiritual Haiti is being built. I praise our Lord for this special

Used with permission of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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