Missionary Attacked While Preaching Gospel in Asia

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Three Bible college students and a missionary
leader were severely beaten in Asia.

Kamik Sandbahor, who serves on the staff of the Gospel for Asia state office, was
leading a team of students from a local Bible college as they visited
villagers in a rural community. Kamik, Jatrinda, Ajmal and Sanjavin were
handing out Christian literature when they were attacked by a gang of
about 25 young men wielding iron rods and sticks.

“Yesterday, these faithful servants were receiving medical treatment
in a hospital for the injuries inflicted by these anti-Christian
radicals,” says GFA President K.P. Yohannan. “Today, they are a bit
discouraged that their expressions of love and concern for the people
were returned with violence and injury.

“I ask that Christians around the world pray for these young men,
that God will strengthen and heal them, and fill their spirits with His
encouragement. Pray also for their persecutors, that their hearts will be softened
by the example of love shown by these students and their courageous

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