Military Troops Request More Scripture in Afghanistan

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Danielle Tomlinson

Since October there has been an overwhelming demand from
troops in Afghanistan for the Military BibleStick, an MP3 audio Bible with the
entire New Testament preloaded from Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH).

Military chaplains overseas have recently requested more
than 20,000 audio Bibles for the troops. FCBH reports they
will be able to meet about half of their need. 
“Our heart as a ministry is to provide the Scriptures in audio to anyone
who asks,” said Jon Wilke, spokesman for the Military
BiblesStick project. “However, the demand for these devices—for God’s Word
in audio format—has just been overwhelming.”

The Military BibleSticks are sent to military chaplains free
of charge based on donations from churches and other organizations. The audio
Bibles retail for $25 and FCBH has distributed more than 70,000 BibleSticks to
military troops overseas in Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo and Afghanistan since 2008.

“If we can help these young men and women be grounded in the
Bible, then God will help them fight off depression and walk through these
difficult times,” Wilke told The Christian Post. “And God will help them cope
with losses in combat. We as a military need to be there to provide them with a
Bible when they need it.”

FCBH provides a reply card for the troops along with the
BibleSticks to share how the audio Bibles have helped them during their
deployment. The ministry reports that they have received letters of
appreciation for the portability and small size along with the peace and
encouragement they provide during difficult times.

“When you are deployed, you live in cramped quarters and you
don’t have any private time really because everywhere you go you are surrounded
by a bunch of other people,” Wilke said. “As a former Marine and a guy who has
been on many deployments, it would be nice to have something to put in your
ears and close your eyes and you can distance yourself from what is going on
around you.”

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for more information about Faith Comes By Hearing and how you can donate to
supply more Military BibleSticks to troops overseas.

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