Love Wins

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love wins

love wins
Rob Bell | HarperOne

Rob Bell trades his to-date
Zondervan home for its parent-company’s broader religion imprint in Love
, a book some will see as similarly taking him from familiar
evangelicalism to more open-ended spirituality.

Though he never uses the word
“universalism,” it is a summary—and judgment—many are likely to make as he
presents what is subtitled, “A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every
Person Who Ever Lived.”

Those looking for something to
disagree with will find it in his reflections, which seek to rise above simple
“in or out” pronouncements, but they also may be stretched in their
understanding of what the Bible means when it talks about eternity, heaven and

While pointing to what he sees as
the church’s “long tradition of Christians who believe that God will ultimately
restore everything and everybody,” Bell’s trademark reflectiveness and wonder
at the immensity of God’s love ultimately emphasizes the importance of how
people’s view of the hereafter shapes their lives in the here and now.

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