Liberty Counsel Condemns Obama’s Israel Policy

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The founders of Liberty Counsel just returned from Israel. Mathew and Anita Staver met privately with Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express the strong support of the
America people for Israel.

President Obama has called for Israel to return to the indefensible
pre-1967 borders, which would make Israel only nine miles wide and thus
lead to the complete destruction of the Jewish people.

the meeting, Netanyahu said that conflict over the right of Israel
to exist is at its core a battle over values and Western civilization. “In America, you need to ask the question, WWAD, What Would America Do?” he asked.

Indeed, what would we do if England or Spain asked us to return to our
pre-1776 borders? Every Israeli leader the Stavers met with over the past week expressed
the same sentiment.

 In Netanyahu’s recent address to a joint session of the United States
Congress, he said that he is willing to accept a Palestinian state;
however it is time for President Abbas to stand up before his people and
say, “I will accept a Jewish state.” For peace negotiations to be
successful, Palestine must acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a
state. Netanyahu said, “With those six words, the Israeli people
will be prepared to make a far-reaching compromise.”

preparations are being made for a second flotilla attempt on Gaza. The
first time brought significant outcry against Israel, event though
videos of the interaction clearly showed Israel reacting in self defense
as their boat was boarded and they were beaten by the demonstrators.
Israel, just as America, must have the ability to defend itself or it
will be destroyed by those committed to its annihilation.

Counsel condemns the Obama Administration’s current policy toward
Israel. It must be thoroughly reexamined and then changed appropriately.
In September, the United Nations is slated to vote whether to recognize
a Palestinian state. If they do, they will be sanctioning Israel’s
sworn enemy who, for a generation, has refused to even acknowledge
Israel’s right to exist as a nation. Liberty Counsel has created a
sticker that proudly proclaims “Stand with Israel.”

“Now more than ever,
Israel needs America and America needs Israel,” concludes Mat Staver.

Tens of thousands of Americans have signed Liberty Counsel’s “Stand with Israel

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