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And now? It’s time! God is awakening the call again. Answer it. Take a leap of faith. Become an entrepreneur. It’s time for you to change the story—not just for you, but for your neighborhood, your community, your city and your world.

At Joseph Business School, we are here to equip you. To guide you. To empower you to step into the call that God has given you. Our business courses are founded in biblical values, uniquely designed to give you a deeper understanding of becoming a true entrepreneur. In our programs, you’ll find highly qualified instructors, access to capital funding and other empowering benefits. We are here to help you succeed. Why? Because you are a dreamer. There are great things ahead. We’re here to make your dream a reality, to shed light on pathways that will empower you to pursue what you were created to do. 

There are ideas in you that were inspired by God, talents and abilities that were given by God, vision that was designed by God. He’s given you everything you need. It’s time to launch out.

Begin a new story. This is no time to fear. No more delays.

The call is clear: The time is now!
Fall classes start Oct. 1, 2016


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