Jailed Missionary Leads Inmates to Christ

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Bible prison

Bible prison
People in one South Asian village accused Dhevan Das of forcefully converting people to Christianity—a
serious allegation, which landed him in jail. But he didn’t sit in his
cell grieving about the situation. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity
to share God’s love with his fellow inmates.

The Charges against Him
The accusations came after a believer in his church expressed interest
in attending a Bible college. Pastor Dhevan was helping her enroll in
the college when villagers began accusing him of forcing her to become a

He was arrested July 28 and formally charged with forced conversion.
Initially, the police were going to release him on bail until a group of
30–40 people gathered in front of the police station shouting, “Do not
release him! He is destroying our religion.” They also filed a complaint
against Dhevan.

“I Do Not Have Much Problem in the Jail”
Gospel for Asia leaders in Dhevan’s region visited the jail to encourage and comfort the imprisoned missionary.

“No need to worry about anything when God is with you,” they told him.

Dhevan’s hope did not dampen under the disheartening circumstance.
Instead, the leaders were amazed to hear about his zeal to reach out to
his fellow inmates.

“I do not have much problem in the jail,” Dhevan said. “I am taking
it as a good opportunity to share God’s Word and my testimony with other

Fortunately for Dhevan, the jailor keeping watch over him is a friend
of the church who told the GFA leaders they would take care of the
pastor until he is released.

Released but Still Waiting
Dhevan was granted bail and released on Thursday. Although he was
released, the criminal charges against him still stand. If he is found
guilty in subsequent hearings, he could be sent back to jail.

Pray for Dhevan as he prepares for the next round of hearings. Pray fervently for the charges to be dropped.

Pray also for those in the jail who heard the gospel from Dhevan, that they will discover a love that sets them free.

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