Is Planned Parenthood Targeting Black Babies?

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Jennifer LeClaire

Police discovered gruesome evidence when the raided the offices of Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell. In fact, gruesome may be an understatement.

Authorities found jars holding the remains of pre-born babies—some of them 30 years old. The police also reported that the clinic was operating in squalid, unsafe conditions.

Meanwhile, charges against other abortionists, including Nicola Riley, James Pendergraft, and Andrew Rutland, offer insight into the sinful underworld of abortionists.

According to official records, some women were scared into getting unnecessary hysterectomies. Other reports cite over-prescribed painkillers, falsifying medical records, and even engaging in sexual intercourse with patients.

Stephen Broden, among many others, is fed up. In response to these revelations, Broden, of the Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas, is calling for new measures of accountability from black leaders. In fact, he says the silence of black leaders encourages “these butchers in their targeting of our women and babies for profit.”

Walter Hoye of the Issues4Life Foundation had some strong words for the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP. As Hoye sees it, these groups have not only consented to
Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry’s murder of black babies, but are complicit in the horrific reality of genocide of their own people.

That’s a pretty bold statement, but one with which Will Ford of Ex Ministries wholeheartedly agrees: “The Congressional Black Caucus has a 100 percent voting record in favor of taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. This is a travesty in light of Planned Parenthood’s targeting of the black community since its inception as a means of population control.”

Arnold Culbreath of Protecting Black Life claims these national black organizations are in partnership with Planned Parenthood—and Planned Parenthood is not genuinely concerned about the betterment of the black community.

“The atrocities uncovered in the Kermit Gosnell case, as detailed in District Attorney R. Seth Williams’ report, highlight very dark abortion-related realities in the black community,” Culbreath says. “It is time for national outrage and dialog about abortion, the leading cause of death in the African American community.”

Planned Parenthood, the NAACP, the Urban League, and the Congressional Black Caucus could not immediately be reached for comment. Al Sharpton has not responded to multiple requests for comments.

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