Indian Believer Escapes After Family Threatens Death

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Rasul Gupta

Rasul Gupta
His heart pounding, Rasul Gupta hurried into hiding to escape from
angry family members who wanted to beat him. What did they have against
him? He chose to follow Christ.

A few months ago, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Pallab Singh
met Rasul, a member of the Brahmin caste, and the two struck up a
conversation. As they talked, Pallab had the opportunity to share about
how Jesus had touched his life. He also explained the gospel to his new
friend. After thinking about Pallab’s words, Rasul ended up deciding to
surrender his life to the Lord. At the church where Pallab serves as
pastor, Rasul testified that he wanted to follow Jesus, and he joined
the congregation.

But his new faith sparked frustration from his family members.
Staunchly devoted to their traditional religion, his parents, in-laws
and even his wife chastised Rasul for his decision to serve Christ. Like
many other Brahmins, they believe any connection with Christianity,
which is often considered a low-caste religion, would make them impure.

On July 25, Rasul’s family members told him he must deny Christ and
stop attending the church. His father-in-law and his uncle planned to
beat him. Thankfully, Rasul was able to flee and find refuge at the home
of a believer from his church.

Two days later, Rasul had the opportunity to meet the GFA regional
leader, who prayed for Rasul and encouraged him to trust God.

Rasul is still staying at the fellow believer’s home. His friends
have gravely warned him not to return home because his whole family is
waiting to torture him.

Rasul’s situation is unique. Many women in South Asia face opposition
from their entire families when they choose to follow Christ, it is
much less common for a man to face the anger and abuse of all his family
members—even his wife.

Pastor Pallab and other GFA leaders in the area request prayer for
Rasul to stand firm in the Lord during this trying time and for God to
protect him from harm. Also, please pray for his family members to come
to know Christ very soon.

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