Immanuel’s Veins

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Andy Butcher



Ted Dekker | Thomas Nelson

When advance publicity material warns that Ted Dekker’s latest is for everyone, but “not everyone is for this story,” it’s either nervousness or clever marketing.

Certainly in this tale of vampires and seduction set in 18th-century Russia, Christian fiction’s favorite provocateur once more pushes the boundaries as he depicts the lure of sin in a way that may make some frown. But there is a strong redemptive thread woven into the adventure for those who persist beyond any initial discomfort.

It’s not all subtle: IV (Get it?) features an ancestral being named Alucard. Yet, the story of warrior Toma Nicolescu’s heroic love for beautiful but bewitched Lucine Cantemir is fast-paced—like a period-themed music video—and rich in imagery about the power of blood to infect or deliver.

This edgy parable—while maybe not for everyone—could entice and then entreat Twilight fans to shine a light into the dreamy shadows cast by the vampire series and discover that temptation demands a price that only true love can pay.

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