Homemade Haunting

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Rob Stennett | Zondervan

Rob Stennett’s Homemade Haunting examines
the paranormal using allegory and humor, as high school English teacher Charlie
Walker takes a six-month sabbatical to write a horror novel.

When Charlie moves his family into an older house that they
can afford, he has a poltergeist experience. He realizes then that as a
method writer, he needs to actually feel the horror himself to fix the novel
he’s been writing—one that’s not scary at all.

Charlie doesn’t believe in God or Satan, and so begins his
research by purchasing an Ouija board. Believing he is still in control, he
includes his wife, Rachel, in his paranormal activity. Dark occurrences
increase—even his wife begins casting spells—and Charlie meets his guardian
angel. Finally he finishes the novel and is ready to stop the paranormal, but
Rachel’s passion for it takes possession of her, leading Charlie toward the
only one who can help—God.

Stennett’s storytelling will make his characters live in the
reader’s imagination. Homemade Haunting will make an enjoyable
read for fans of horror, but aims to help readers think twice about getting
involved with the paranormal.

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