Holy Spirit Breathes Life Into Infected Lungs

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Makul Pillai worshipped many gods and goddesses, but his spirit still
wasn’t satisfied. When he fell sick one day with severe breathing
problems, he didn’t even bother petitioning his gods for help. Instead,
his family took him to the hospital.

He was diagnosed with a severe lung infection that would require
three days of treatment. After being discharged from the hospital, Makul
happened to meet Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Siraj Rangan who
was serving in his region. Makul shared the agony of his health problems
with the missionary, and Siraj assured Makul that it was Jesus Christ
who could take away his infirmity.

Siraj then prayed for him and invited
the distraught man to attend a Sunday worship service.

The following Sunday, Siraj saw Makul and his family walk through his
church doors. With much eagerness, he and the believers began praying
for Makul’s healing.

By the end of their prayers, the infection ravaging Makul’s lungs
completely vanished. When Makul sensed healing, he and his family
rejoiced and decided they would live for this God who took away his

Today, Makul and his family are active members of Siraj’s church.

Siraj has been a missionary since 2003 and works with people who belong
to a tribe that lives in the jungle. They practice black magic and
witchcraft as part of their traditional religion.

In the midst of this spiritual darkness, Siraj pastors a church of 30
believers and has begun four mission stations in nearby villages, where
five to eight believers regularly meet for prayer.

By his faithfulness and the Lord’s grace, Siraj is being used to
share with more and more people the love of Christ—Makul and his family
being a few of them.

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