Holy Ghost Prayer Meeting Planned at Rose Bowl

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Chad Goodman

Unless you’re a major sports
team, filling up Pasadena’s famous Rose Bowl might seem like a mammoth
undertaking. But a diverse group of individuals and churches in Southern
California believes it can be done.

Renting large sports
facilities is nothing new for Christian organizations. Crusades, revivals and
other spiritual events have been held at stadiums and arenas for decades. But
the group that has secured the Rose Bowl for Friday, November 11, 2011 says it
rented the historic stadium for a simple reason: to allow the Holy Spirit to
move among them.

Puredi Hillary and his wife,
Ruth, pastor Shiloh Tabernacle in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. The duo is helping
organize the gathering on November 11. However, if you ask them, “organize”
might be a loose term. 

Ruth says many people have
asked who is in charge of the event and what is on the program. She bluntly
responds, “There is no program. There is no agenda. There will be no ministry
or name glorified and exalted other than that of Jesus Christ.” 

The couple says members of
their group decided to hold the event on 11/11/11 because the Holy Spirit
directed them to several scriptures containing the number 11. Ruth says they’ve
found many of the Scriptures talk about God bringing together those who are
hungry and thirsty for righteousness in the last days.

Puredi expects the gathering
to draw up to 70,000 people, but is praying for many more; the Rose Bowl holds
over 100,000. Invitations have been sent to people as far away as Central and
South America as well as Europe. Several denominations will be in attendance,
he adds, and even a number of Amish communities and the Mennonites have
expressed interest.

Stay tuned to Charisma News
for updates on this potentially historic event.

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